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Purchase Agent Service

FSC.SALE has a professional purchasing team with 8 years of industrial products purchasing experience. FSC.SALE also offers purchasing agent service to act as a middleman between you and your suppliers to help you solve various kinds of difficulties in the purchasing process, like communication, background investigation, factory visiting and product inspection etc. If you are meeting the following conditions, you may want to request FSC.SALE’s purchase agent service:
1.) You have already found a supplier in China.
2.) You are not able to deal with them smoothly.
3.) You find the supplier’s risk is big and want a middle man to help control the risks.

In purchase agent service, FSC.SALE will act as a middleman to help customers to purchase the products from the specific suppliers specified by customers. Only commissions and project fees will be charged based on the orders. Every cost will be transparent with no hidden fee.

Important: The products FSC.SALE can help purchase are not limited to plate heat exchanger related, but all kinds of industrial products as long as they are not dangerous products, which require special permissions from the government. For example, FSC.SALE can purchase flanges, valves, differential pressure transmitters, valve actuators, sensors, cables, liquid level meters and many more. For more details, please read our purchase agent website:

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We Can Offer Purchase Agent Service

Specify what you want and your supplier’s contact info in the message form, we will help you handle the purchase jobs and ensure it can go smoothly. This service is supporting all kinds of industrial products, especially those in, which is the biggest industrial product dealing platform in China. Try us!